AI for People:

Democratizing AI

24-26 November 2023, Bologna, Italy
Venue: Palazzo Dal Monte

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The conference aims to be accessible for anyone interested in artificial intelligence for the societal good. For this reason, some sessions will be more introductory and other more advanced.

The program is still being updated. Below you can read about the sessions that are already confirmed:

Keynote Sessions see Keynote Speakers

Speakers Paper Presentation Sessions See Sessions
Special Events Social Events
Tentative Schedule

Check the current version below or directly access it here.

Keynote Speakers

Paper Presentation Sessions

Session 3 – AI in Society and Legal Aspects
25th Nov, 16:30 CET

Session 4 – Ethical AI and Innovation
26th Nov, 10:00 CET 10:30 CET

Getting to know AI for People

AI for People is a non-profit association born out of the idea of shaping Artificial Intelligence technology around human and societal needs.

Learn about all the activities of AI for People in this interactive session.

Social Events

Divinae Miranda
Divinæ Miranda is a young startup from Bologna with a high revolutionary content aimed at breaking down the music industry. Despite the Latinism in the name, the project aims to renew the ITPOP scene by eliminating the stale acoustic guitars and taking the Digital Audio Workstation as a new tool of class struggle directly from Via Stalingrado, home of their record company: Miraloop.

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