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24-26 November 2023, Bologna, Italy
Venue: Palazzo Dal Monte

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Sabrina Küspert
Mercator Foundation


How to govern AI? Risks and Responsibilities along the Value Chain

The recent months have been marked by heated debates around the world on how to govern AI. Particular attention has been given to increasingly advanced general purpose AI models and the applications building on them. This keynote explores how the rapid technological advancement of these AI models and their integration into everyday life give rise to risks along their value chain. We will explore the complex dependencies between companies that develop these AI models and those that deploy them, highlighting the unique challenges this presents across a range of risks.

Sabrina Küspert is a Seconded Policy Expert from the Mercator Foundation, currently working with the European Commission in the unit responsible for AI Policy Development and Coordination including the EU AI Act. Previously, as a Fellow at the German tech think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung and during her time at Oxford University, she conducted research on governing general purpose AI models. Sabrina helped establish the global Responsible AI practice at the Boston Consulting Group, advising public and private sector organisations worldwide on emerging technologies.

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