AI for People is regularly hosting, as well as collaborating on a wide-range of conferences, workshops, talks and hackathons and the like.

Upcoming Events

August 8+9, 2020
AI for People Workshop Edition 1
Online Event

We are happy to announce the 1st AI for People Workshop. Join a variety of courses on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI Ethics, Cultural Perspectives on AI and Creative Machines.

The workshop will take place online and is free of charge. Registration required.

May 2020
AI for People – Special Session
at EAI GOODTECH 2020 International Conference

We are happy to announce the 1st Special Session on ‘AI for People’, organized in conjunction with the EAI GOODTECHS 2020 international conference in September 14-16, 2020, Antwerp, Belgium.

Past Events

May 15 – June 05, 2020
AI for People – Coding Class
by Philipp Wicke, PhD in AI

Over the course of the next four weeks, we will have a look at the fundamentals of programming and we will get you started writing your own first few lines of code. Moreover, we will have a look at what code actually is, how you can understand it and how the computer makes sense of it.

January 23, 2020
Obiettivi, Rischi e contromisure nell’era dell’intelligenza artificiale
at DataScienceSeed#11– AI for People and Regione Liguria

January 21, 2020
100 Days of AI
in collaboration with The Future Society and Brussels Legal Hackers

The new President of the European Commission promised legislation on human and ethical implications of AI within her first 100 days in office. What kind of human and ethical implications are there?

November 23, 2019
AI for People – Presentation
at DG CNECT, European Commission

AI for People was invited to share its work with another great Unit of the European Commission in DG CNECT, the A1 Unit (AI and Robotics).

October 26-27, 2019
in collaboration with in collaboration with Data Science BolognaItalian Association for Machine LearningContinualAIMusixmatch Bologna

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